Mahogany Bay Resort + Beach Club
A retreat in paradise for couples who want more income and intimacy in their relationships. Unlike other real estate education seminars, this retreat will show you not only how to grow in wealth, but also in love!
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If you’re anything like we were…
✅   You want more time to do what matters and freedom to go where you please.

✅ You want to build wealth together as a couple (wealth that exceeds what is possible in the usual 9-5 career).

✅ You want to build a lasting legacy that positively impacts your family and your community.

✅ You know that investing in real estate is a viable way to make passive income but you’re unsure of exactly how to get started or bring your spouse on board.

✅ Maybe you’ve already started investing in real estate but you know you’re not reaching your potential.

While many couples have these combined goals – the cold, hard truth?

 Too many couples do not get there.

Money is one of the trickiest issues to navigate as a couple and money issues are one of the leading causes of divorce.
EVENT HOSTS- Monick & Peter Halm
We know how difficult money issues can be because we’ve lived it.

When we first started sharing finances and investing together, we quickly learned about the type of conflict that can arise from having different ways of spending, saving, budgeting, keeping tabs, accounting…all hard-wired from our unique upbringings.

Throughout years of trial and error – and building a real estate portfolio with over 1200 doors (while raising 3 beautiful kids!) - we’ve isolated the strategies that ensure the most success when building wealth as a couple.

We know the tremendous stress that can arise from managing finances together, working together and building wealth (and a family!) together.

But instead of letting these stressors pull us apart, we used them to grow closer together with a few strategic lessons and shifts.  

These lessons have not only helped us successfully invest in real estate but, more importantly, have helped us deepen our partnership and love.

And we KNOW that you can achieve this together too.  

That's exactly why we've been called to share these life-transforming lessons at the Real Estate Investor Soulmates Retreat.

Here are our "official" third-person bios: 😀

Monick is the founder of Real Estate Investor Goddesses, an educational platform and community for women. Her mission is to help 1 million women and their families create financial freedom through real estate. 

She is the best-selling author of numerous books including “The Real Estate Investor Goddess Handbook” and “Wealth for Women - Conversations with the Team That Creates the Dream,” host of the Real Estate Investor Goddesses Podcast, and a sought-after keynote speaker. 

Peter, the "Deal Hunta," is the President of Vineyard Investment Partners where he is responsible for finding investment opportunities and forging strategic partnerships. With Monick, they bring groups of investors together to purchase portfolios of single-family homes, apartments, industrial parks, mobile home and RV parks, and other large commercial projects.

At the Real Estate Investor Soulmates Retreat™, we’ll teach you how to bridge some of the most potentially devastating problems with building wealth as a couple and show you our proven framework for success.

  We’ll teach you how to:

✅ Make unanimous financial decisions as a couple and learn to explore investment opportunities in a harmonious way, so you can make progress towards your financial goals.

✅ Get educated – together – on investing in real estate in a way that feels right for both parties, so you can both sleep soundly at night while making passive income.

✅ Start tuning out naysayers and people who do not fully understand real estate to make an informed decision together, without the interference of others.

✅ Learn to become investors together, despite differences in risk aversion level (& accurately analyze the risk in real estate).

✅ Overcome investment failures, so you can make smarter investment decisions for the future.

✅ Learn our proprietary blueprint for real estate investing success, so you can have more time together, more freedom and more flexibility to travel, vacation, dine out and giving back to your community.

At Mahogany Bay Resort & Beach Club!
Are you ready to...
  •  Build wealth through real estate as a couple for more financial freedom and lifestyle flexibility?
  •  Find the "WE" in wealth, so you can build a lasting legacy together?
  •  Learn to speak each other’s language for more harmoniousness and connection?
  •  Balance work and investing, so that you can spend more time with your family?
  •  Use investing and building wealth together to make your relationship even juicier?
  •  Keep the romance alive, year after year, despite the responsibilities and stress of day-to-day life?
  • Learn our SOULMATE Secret Sauce to gain a more connected and intimate relationship in which you’re fully understood?
“ Monick and Peter Halm are so motivating, authentic
 and walk-the-talk examples of focused go-getter action. 
We learn so much from their expertise in real estate and overall business and life. We can’t wait until their next event! ”
Kim Somers Egelsee & Edwin Egelsee
“ Monick & Peter are an amazing example of how you can live, work and play together at a high level and achieve your dreams. 
We've learned so much from them! ”
One time payment
Per couple* Save $1500 right now
  • Welcome Poolside Cocktail Party Friday Evening
  • 2 Transformational Days Of Instruction
  • Saturday & Sunday Breakfast + Lunch
  • Sunday Evening Beach Club Cocktail Party
  • Networking and Investment Opportunities
  • Soulmates Workbook
  • * Does not include travel and accommodation
7 Reasons To Come To This Retreat
  •  You wish your partner was on the same page as you when it comes to investing.
  •  You want to learn how to mix work and love in more creative ways that bring you closer together.
  •  You want your partner to see what you see — the great benefits of real estate investing.
  •  You want to learn to balance work and investing so that you can spend the time you need with your family.
  •  You feel you and your partner are disconnected, especially when it comes to finances and you want to fix it before it drives you further apart. 
  •  You're stuck in a lifestyle that doesn't excite you anymore and you want the adventure of a lifetime that affords more money, freedom, possibilities for travel, more luxuries and quality time with family and friends.
  •  You have to learn our SOULMATE Secret Sauce for the relationship and life of your dreams and how to effectively deal with all challenges that arise - yes it is possible - we're living proof!


Beth will share how she successfully works with her husband Dennis, and the ways in which she has been able to build multiple billion-dollar businesses while raising their sons.

She has been an entrepreneur, business strategist and hands-on manager since 1980 and possesses a passion for being effective, improving operations, and executing with excellence and integrity.

Beth never tires of working with new entrepreneurs and start-up companies, as an advisor and angel investor, board member, and personal advisor to Founders, CEOs and government officials. 


Our mentor Robert, host of The Real Estate Guys Radio podcast, will teach you the key principles of how to build your brand and build your network as real estate investors, with integrity and authenticity. 

Along with Beth Clifford, Robert is a co-founder and principal of Mahogany Bay Resort. He is the co-author of "Equity Happens – Building Lifelong Wealth with Real Estate" and the host of the nationally syndicated radio show The Real Estate Guys™, now in its twenty-second year of broadcast. The podcast version of the show is one of the most downloaded podcasts on real estate and is heard in more than 190 countries. 


Ben and Jen will enlighten you in the ways they work SO well together and have create a life they call a permanent vacation.

Ben and Jen Rode are visionary entrepreneurs and international speakers. They are the founders of Synergida Luxury Resort and Community For Leaders, a community that's designed for social and environmental impact. They live in Costa Rica and are the parents of three children; Bella, Merrick and Mara.
Welcome poolside cocktail party 
on Friday evening  
Saturday & Sunday 
breakfast & lunch included
2 full days of instruction 
for you To implement
Soulmates workbook 
To take home with you
Boatride & Beach club cocktail party 
on Sunday evening
Optional activities
Shop, Lobster dive, Snorkel, SCUBA, 
Paddle board
Friday July 19
6pm Welcome poolside cocktail party
Saturday July 20
8am Breakfast
9am-12:30pm Morning Session
12:30pm Lunch
1:30pm-5:30pm Afternoon Session 

Sunday July 21
8am Breakfast
9am-12:30pm Morning Session
12:30pm Lunch
1:30pm-5:30pm Afternoon Session 
6:00pm Boat ride and Beach club networking & cocktails
Monday July 22
Optional activities to be announced

Schedule subject to change.
Designed for guests who equally love adventure and luxury. Inspired by the rustic charm of Belize and the elegance of British colonial architecture. Mahogany Bay Resort and Beach Club, part of the Hilton family of properties, opened in late 2017. It offers 205 breezy hideaways elevated with lofty ceilings and grounded with authentic hardwoods.

One time payment
Per couple* SAVE $1500 right now
  • Welcome Poolside Cocktail Party Friday Evening
  • 2 Transformational Days Of Instruction
  • Saturday & Sunday Breakfast + Lunch
  • Sunday Evening Beach Club Cocktail Party
  • Networking and Investment Opportunities
  • Soulmates Workbook
  • * Price does not include travel and accommodation.